Hello Dear Friends

03 February 2022 | Shannen Harte

It has been a long and rainy three months here at our Home of Love. For the rain, we have been grateful however one does miss the sunshine. We are pleased to have all our children back at school, with the addition of 30 new children. This is thanks to our new classroom which we have added on, now bringing our intake to 400 children. 

There was such a great need from our community, parents and families desperate to get their children into our care that a plan had to be made, and with the guidance from God, we were able to make another blessing happen.  How blessed we are to have our centre and a safe haven for our children to come to each day. 

God has blessed us in many ways, thanks to the generosity of Ethembeni cripple care school, we have extended our vegetable garden further. This has been a wonderful opportunity for us to bring in more volunteers, uplifting our community and focus on food sustainability.

We have two running pumps that pump water from the dam, helping us to save water while being environmentally conscious. The recent rains have really been greatly appreciated as well.