Babies Flock In

03 February 2022 | Shannen Harte

Our baby clinic is as busy as ever and we are doing what we can to keep up with the needs of our young mothers and babies. It is with a heavy heart that we are seeing many 12- and 13-year-olds having babies within the community.

In these cases, we encourage them to go back to school while they still have the opportunity to do so. If there is no one at home to take care of the baby then we do what we can to try and find a carer, in some cases, we place the babies in our baby room when we can accommodate them.

The need for baby formula is ever increasing as most babies end up in the care of others and cannot always be breastfed. We ask you to please extend your kindness in helping us gather as much baby formula as we can. 

We are also asking all of you wonderful people to please donate secondhand children's clothing, it really does go a long way for those in need.