17 February 2022 | Shannen Harte

What fun our kiddies had on Monday baking sweet treats for Valentines Day! With the help of our AMAZING teachers and kitchen staff, we had a very successful morning baking muffins. We love the hands-on approach to teaching and our children certainly loved it as well. 

What a beautiful and enriching experience this was!

The benefits of cooking with preschoolers:

Social-Emotional Development: Hands-on cooking activities help children develop confidence and skill. Following recipes encourages children to be self-directed and independent, it also teaches them to follow directions and develop problem-solving skills.

Physical Development: Fine motor and eye-hand coordination skills are developing by chopping, mixing, squeezing, and spreading.

Cognitive Development: Cooking encourages children's thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. It also allows children the opportunity to use the knowledge they have and apply it by counting, measuring, following a sequence, following directions, and cause and effect.

Language Development: Cooking offers the opportunity to develop language development by linking it to all other areas, including Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts, and Literacy. This is done by encouraging children to talk about what they are doing, counting and watching materials change colour, texture, and medium