A safe place of refuge

29 June 2022 | Shannen Harte

With the July school holidays in full swing, we are grateful to be able to care for our local community children seeking a safe place to play and have fun. Our afterschool care and holiday programmes allow us to feed, nurture and care for hundreds of disadvantaged children from our local community. We also express our gratitude for our sports field where we can take the children to play games, play sports and simply be a child! Knowing that our children are safe and well looked after gives us great happiness. 

Our children are continuously relying on us for support with their needs which include things like school uniforms, socks, shoes, and underwear, which we try and provide as and when we are able. We also assist our children with stationary needs and hygiene products including things like soap and toothpaste. 

It is through the generosity of our sponsors that we can continue to support these children, helping make life a little easier. 

If you would like to donate, please email us on accounts@1000hch.org.za