Goodwill & Growth for Africa (UK) Shipment

26 July 2022 | Shannen Harte

We were so excited to receive a shipment of clothing from one of our loyal sponsors in the United Kingdom, GAGA UK. Our teachers from our creche and preschool were thrilled to put on their new tracksuits which made them feel oh so special!

With the cold weather, we face here in the valley our volunteers were more than grateful to put on something nice, warm, and cozy! It was so lovely to see each person's face light up when we presented them with the clothing donation

Not only did we receive clothing, but we also received the most beautiful, knitted beanies, mittens, and blankets. Perfect for our little ones!

A special thank you to Claire who works for Goodwill and Growth for Africa, making miracles come true with this shipment, there were a lot of delays with customs and clearance but by the Grace of God, we finally received our long-awaited donation!