Supporting schools in need

20 July 2023 | Shannen Harte

Our feeding scheme remains at the forefront of what we do here at 1000 Hills Community Helpers, serving 9000 meals per day to our community in need. Our Meals on Wheels team has had to put in the extra effort this past three months as we have had some issues with the local schools not receiving support from The Department for feeding. Although we do provide food for the community and majority of the main schools, we were contacted by some other schools in desperate need of our support as there was a delay in supplying food to the schools from The Department. This meant that these schools had no food to prepare for the many children in need. Thanks to the incredible support we receive for our feeding scheme we were able to step in and support these additional schools until the delay from the departments side was rectified. It makes one think of the bigger picture, and what these schools would have done if 1000 Hills Community Helpers did not exist.