Tuesdays For Our Little Ones (Baby Wellness Clinic)

15 May 2019 | Shannen Harte

Today we give thanks to all the wonderful volunteers from all parts of the world for coming and spending time with our babies in the Clinic. Tuesdays are dedicated to our newborn babies and mothers where we provide them with the correct formula, nappies, blankets, clothing and other things that they need including creams, medicines and so forth.

We are so blessed to be joined this week by the Villanova Nursing Students all the way from America, we would like to thank Heidi and Michelle for assisting in our baby wellness clinic today.

We often face issues amongst young mothers in the sense that due to lack of education, a lot of the mothers do not know how to care for their infants in the correct way, we are so happy to be able to provide them with the support they need.

Issues amongst the babies include things like Scabies, a skin infection which is very contagious which mainly starts from lack of hygiene. Due to it being so contagious, it is easily spread, creating a wildfire in its path. Other issues we face are malnutrition for first-time visitors to the clinic. Often the mothers do not have the means or education and simply feed their babies tea or even water in some cases.

We are pleased to report that in our baby wellness clinic, we are able to give talks to the mothers, educating them on the correct way to look after their infants, ensuring that the word is spread for mothers all over the valley to seek refuge with us.

Totally a monthly average of up to 400 babies, we are constantly in need of funding to keep our project going. With the unstable economic environment, there has been an even greater demand for those coming to the centre for refuge. 

Remember friends, with your support we can change the world.