Computer Courses Offered At 1000 Hills Community Helpers

15 May 2019 | Shannen Harte

Did you know that here at 1000 Hills Community helpers we offer courses in Microsoft Outlook. Our course has enabled many youths in our community to find jobs, which is one of our greatest goals, to reduce unemployment.

The course runs for 3 months and covers Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Office, Email and Internet. To be able to provide our community with the skills they need to further themselves is such a blessing, the importance of this course cannot be stressed enough.

We have had students who have gone on to find office jobs and admin roles thanks to the skills they have acquired with us. Even those who have never used a computer have now gone on to get jobs which is so awesome and inspiring. If we can inspire our community then we know in our hearts we have done our bit to help as best as we can.