Hillcrest Primary School visits our "Home of Love"

21 June 2019 | Shannen Harte

For many years we have had the wonderful support of many schools in the Upper Highway Area including that of Hillcrest Primary School, Thomas More College and Curro. The pupils along with the respected staff visit our Centre to volunteer their time in any way that they can, this includes helping in the Kitchen and Playing with the children in our Preschool and Creche.

During their visits, we receive the most wonderful donations that are collected amongst the pupils, this includes clothing, shoes and stationery. With these donations, we are able to support our own local schools in the community which is just so wonderful as they are in desperate need of our support. 

We encourage all schools to get involved by visiting our Home of Love. An experience that all children will take with them for life. Helping others in need teaches gratitude along with other important life lessons that are so important for the youth of today to experience.