Petal Power: Why Is Gardening So Good For Our Mental Health?

13 August 2019 | Shannen Harte

Time and time again, research reveals that gardening has a positive effect on our mental health. Here at 1000 Hills Community Helpers, we strongly believe in the therapeutic benefit of gardening for those who have not had life easy.

It does not matter if we are seven or seventy, gardening proves that we are all nurturers. Gardening is seen as a transformative activity, which has been proven to boost self-esteem.

For many, the peacefulness associated with gardening comes not from its social aspect, however, but the opposite. It enables us to escape from other people. 'Flowers are restful to look at. They have no emotions or conflict,' Tending to plants allows us to tap into the carefree part of ourselves with nothing to worry about.

Some aspects of gardening even allow us to vent anger, sadness, and aggression, which all comes down to the fact that its therapeutic benefits impact heavily on those in our community who face many issues.

Everything we do at 1000 Hills Community Helpers has a deeper purpose and here is a wonderful example of that.