Why your Second-Hand Clothing makes the world of difference?

01 August 2019 | Shannen Harte

How often do we come across clothing in the cupboard that we simply have outgrown or no longer care to wear, it sits there for often months at a time in the hope that one day it will have some use to you. For those who are wondering, we have found the answer.

Here at 1000 Hills Community Helpers, your second-hand clothing goes to babies, children and adults in great need. Something as small as a pair of underwear or an old t-shirt is seen as a blessing when you have nothing.

Our community relies on us from day to day to provide for their most basic needs, one being the clothes on their back. We encourage each and every person to donate your second-hand clothing to our home of love, ensuring that it will go to good use.

Here is  one of our little babies with a donated outfit, how sweet!

We will collect any donations weekly, saving you the time and worry. All you have to do is start collecting, drop us an email 1000hch@zamail.co.za or phone the office 031 783 4013.