Children take pride in helping others

20 August 2019 | Shannen Harte

Why It's Important to Help Others

Think back to the last time you helped someone, whether it was holding the door open for a classmate or raking your elderly neighbour's leaves. While you were doing it and afterwards, how did you feel? We're going to make a safe bet you felt happy and more positive about life. That's because the fastest way to feel joy is serving others.

This week's school theme is all about helping others, so as a fun and educational activity, we decided to let our children help those from the different departments. We went to the garden, the kitchen and even to other classrooms to help with cleaning, gardening and other tasks our staff do on a daily basis.

This is by far one of the most educational and happy days experienced here at Ikhaya Lo Thando, the children had the most wonderful time and we enjoyed watching them while they learnt some valuable skills they will carry with them for life.