Our Little Angel Andile

21 August 2019 | Shannen Harte

Meet Andile, our new 1000 Hills Baby, at only 1 week old we have taken him into our care Monday through to Friday as his mom is unfortunately not stable at this point to look after him. By the grace of God and our community centre, we have the means to fully care for this little miracle and we are so excited to watch him grow.

We face many situations like Andiles where there is just no support or the means for the family to care for the baby. As a 1000 Hills baby, we provide them with formula, nappies, clothing and medical care and in turn, ask for sponsors to donate toward these children.

Wish List:

1. Baby Clothing

2. Dummies


4. Lactogen for newborns

5. Nappies

If you would like to sponsor Andile, please contact us on 031 783 4013/ 1000hch.shanharte@zamail.co.za