21 January 2020 | Shannen Harte

The past year of 2019 we have been hugely successful in our Garden Project which you can read about in previous blogs. We are super excited to announce that we now have started growing BANANAS. Here are some fun facts about why we should eat bananas: 

What goodness is in a banana? Other than being rich in vitamin B6, bananas are a good source of vitamin C, dietary fibre and manganese.

What do these mean for your health?

Bananas are one of the best fruit sources of vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 from bananas is easily absorbed by your body and a medium-sized banana can provide about a quarter of your daily vitamin B6 needs.

Vitamin B6 helps your body:

produce red blood cells,

metabolise carbohydrates and fats, turning them into energy,

metabolise amino acids,

remove unwanted chemicals from your liver and kidneys, and

maintain a healthy nervous system.

It is so great to be able to grow our own fresh fruit and vegetables, now that our garden team have started with the crops of bananas, they can start growing their own at home too, passing on this knowledge to family and friends of the community.