21 January 2020 | Shannen Harte

Andile is now 4 months old and doing extremely well. We have now started him on solids (Cerelac & Purity) which he certainly enjoys. He has become so strong and alert. His little smile is constant which is so beautiful to see. There is nothing more precious than the joy of a little heart. Nini who is Andile's care giver has welcomed him into her home with loving arms, we are so grateful and pleased that he is in our care full time.

Andile has been going for regular check-ups to RK KHAN Hospital, since birth he has had some neonatal issues to do with the nerves in his brain. We believe this is linked to Foetal Alcohol Syndrome from his birth mother. So far they are happy with his progress but are still monitoring him closely.

We are hoping to find a pram for Andile as he currently does not have one, so we reach out to those reading this and ask for your support. Nini currently has to carry Andile around during weekends (He is with us on our School Buses during the week).