18 March 2020 | Shannen Harte

Hello Dear Friends!

We pray that you are taking good care of yourselves during these trying times we face. We would like to give everyone an update on the Centre going forward with the Corona Virus and the precautions we are taking as a team and community at large.

As of Wednesday, 18th March 2020, the Preschool and Creche will be closed as per Government instruction. 

Our computer room has been closed until further notice, to prevent traffic coming in and out of the Centre.

Our permanent babies' onsite are being looked after in our safe home cottage where dedicated staff are taking rotating duties while the school is closed. 

We have made emergency points outside of the centre to run our feeding scheme due to the restriction of gatherings as per Government instruction. We are working closely with the councillor who has agreed to team up with us to ensure we are feeding as many people in the valley as possible. 

With regards to our Primary Health Care Clinic, we are only letting in two patients at a time into the Clinic, each patient who enters the premises is sanitized before entry.

We also have portable hand washing and sanitizing stations outside the Clinic and Kitchen which is used by our staff and any other visitors/patients to the centre.

We send our love and prayers to all of our sponsors and friends, please take care. In times like these, we thank you for all your support.

Please note that donations are needed now more than ever and we are more than happy to collect from you directly.

Our most humble thanks and appreciation

The 1000 Hills Team