Pre-loved Clothing / Blankets Request

21 April 2020 | Shannen Harte

The tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound effect on the lives of millions of people around the world. The threat of the disease and increasing casualties are destabilizing our communities. Recently imposed restrictions to daily life have forced us to quickly adopt different ways of working, learning and connecting with each other.

If during this period of lockdown you have had the opportunity to spring clean your home, we would be very grateful if you could consider 1000 Hills Community Helpers for your donations. NONE of the items received will be sold, they will be distributed direct to community members in dire need.

Poverty touches every aspect of a child's life, determines their future and almost always leaves them trapped in a spiral of unemployment and continued deprivation. Children born into such conditions remain trapped there unless significant interventions occur. Together, we can lift the barriers that keep them in the shackles of their circumstances.

1000 Hills Community Helpers is a registered Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organization NPO 042122 / PBO 930020228