12 June 2020 | Shannen Harte

There has been a lot of restructuring at the centre during the period of COVID-19 as I am sure many other organizations have had to do. We have our dedicated team of Community Care Givers lead by our Clinic staff member Modise who are doing COVID-19 screening out in the community. Between May 4th-8th we screened 536 people at 121 different households.

We also have our ambulance going out every day to different areas in the valley to distribute chronic medication which includes HIV & TB Medication. As of now, we have 1359 registered patients. As our Centre has been registered as a CCMMD Pick up point for Chronic Medication, it has become a huge help to community members as they no longer have to take time off work or sit in long ques at Clinics only to be told that the medication has run out. With our system in place, all 1359 of our patients are guaranteed to get their medication.

Over and above the pick-up point, we are going to different areas in the valley distributing the medication. We say a special thank you to Big Boy and his team for their excellent work and dedication.