A picture speaks a thousand words

27 July 2020 | Shannen Harte

The reality of child-headed households here in the Inchanga Community is something we experience far too often. Due to circumstances beyond these children's control, they are put in situations where they sadly lose their parents, forcing them to fend for themselves and look after their siblings. Here in the community it almost seems as normal but to the outsider, it is actually heartbreaking. No child should have to grow up too soon but unfortunately, there is no choice here. The effects of poverty and illness can be seen far and wide. 

We do our best to support these children who very much rely on us for their basic needs. We encourage each person who reads this blog to donate any item of clothing that they may no longer wear, together we can give these children the much-needed hope for a brighter future. 

Other wish list items include soap, blankets and shoes.