The Struggles We Face

07 August 2020 | Shannen Harte

The struggle our little ones have had to face on a daily basis has become so much more evident due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Children as young as four years old form part of the many child-headed households we see here in the Valley. 

It is evident that the current situation is not protecting our children in any way. As if they did not have enough challenges to face, things have sadly become more difficult for them. 

As a team we do our best to support our children, distributing food with our meals on wheels, providing them with their basic needs when we are able and educating them on how to be safe from the Corona Virus.

A structured environment is needed now more than ever and it is evident that the current situation is not helping our children in any way.

There is much concern for our children's wellbeing, especially with the closure of schools. Schooling is so much more than just learning, it provides all the protocols that are required to protect them against the invisible enemy of COVID-19.

We say a special thank you to all of our sponsors who have contributed to the success of our feeding scheme.