Philani’s Story Continues

26 March 2019 | Shannen Harte

When Philani first arrived in "Our Home of Love" he was severely malnourished after losing both his parents who were tragically murdered in their home. When he arrived at the centre, we discovered that he was very underweight and was not at all well. We decided it was of most importance to take on this little angel and care for him going forward. We closely monitored him each week, put him on the correct food and sent him to the clinic weekly for check ups. Within only a few weeks he was gaining a healthy amount of weight and absolutely fell in love with his teacher and class mates. There was not a day that went by that we did not see a smile on his face.

We are so happy to report that Philani is still with us and is in the best condition we could possibly hope for, he is now no longer "The baby"of the class, but amongst the few strongest in our toddlers group.

He absolutely loves his food and his favorite sport is soccer. Philani always greets us with the biggest smile no matter his circumstances at home. School has become his salvation and he loves to learn from his favourite teacher Miss Rose.

Philani is still staying with his neighbour who found him on the tragic day of his parents murder. We are so grateful to her for taking care of Philani on weekends when the centre is closed. She has been amazing.