Community Outreach

17 March 2021 | Shannen Harte

Our community outreach remains a great focus for us here at 1000 Hills Community Helpers as we have had to make a lot of adjustments since the pandemic. 

We have received incredible support from our sponsors and friends to be able to carry out this project, providing for our community. This includes food, clothing, all the necessities.

Our community caregivers also identify families in most need, helping us to ensure these people receive the support they need. 

What really touched our hearts is the gratitude we see amongst our community members and that is something that we always emphasize for its importance. Without gratitude, we have nothing. 

Today we are grateful for all the wonderful people we have met along our journey, going out into the community we meet many amazing people who have so many unique and interesting stories to tell, although they face many hardships, there are still many who keep their faith and make the most of what they have.

That is a lesson we can all take from them.