18 May 2021 | Shannen Harte

1000 Hills Community Helpers has recently started a new project aimed at protecting and assisting our orphaned and vulnerable children in the community by identifying child-headed households in desperate need.

Our team of dedicated supervisors and facilitators is working tirelessly around the clock to support these young children in need. 

Support ranges from obtaining birth certificates from Home Affairs, grant applications, school placements, clothing and shoes, toiletries, bedding, food, and medical support.

Our dream to help these children all started when we met three little boys in desperate need of support. At the mere ages of 9, 11, and 12, they are living on their own in extremely bad living conditions, they are not in school and travel up to 15kms in one morning to our home of love to receive a nutritious plate of food and a warm shower. 

We have decided to take these boys on as our first OVC Beneficiaries of the program. Our wonderful team member Jabulani took the boys to RK Khan hospital last week as two of them had injuries that were left untreated. Upon inspection from the hospital, one little boy's arm was actually broken and the other had a nasty sore that was getting infected. Both their injuries were caused when they fell out of a tree near their home. 

Our goal for these little ones is to find placement for them in a local school where we will cover their school fees and any other associated costs, from school uniforms and shoes to transportation fees to and from school. 

Our Mission

Save the orphaned and vulnerable children from the harsh environment they face daily.

Our Vision 

Successfully place these children in schooling, ensuring they receive a proper education.