Clinic Update Part 2 July 2021

28 July 2021 | Shannen Harte

During our home visits, lead by Modise, we encounter many families facing abuse due to the economic situation Covid 19 has brought on. Many of these cases are referred to our clinic where they are seen by Doctor Sally John and her amazing team. Each case is assessed and dealt with individually. One such recent case was of three young boys aged seven, nine, and eleven who were asked to be visited by a concerned neighbor who said that they had noticed these boys were living with their uncle, were being neglected, and were not attending school. They appeared in very poor health, and it was clear that they were being abused daily. The children were removed from their uncle's care by the police and placed into the care of their grandmother. The children received a full health check and medical care was given at our clinic.

After the children received the much-needed medical care, we ensured that they were given food to take home to assist their grandmother, we also sent a driver with the boys to get some much-needed clothing. With the help of the local school headmaster, we are happy to say that the children have started school and they are visited weekly by our home-based care worker to assist them and their grandmother. 

We are very blessed to be working with such amazing, special staff in our clinic who are so dedicated and caring. Zama who is one of our carers in the clinic met a patient who was very distressed, crying uncontrollably saying that she was desperate, was in an abusive relationship, was an orphan, and had mental health issues. She was also diabetic, epileptic, and HIV positive. Her partner had chased her out of the home in the middle of the night, leaving her with no place to go. Zama then took her to our doctor who examined her and referred her to be hospitalized. Zama took on the care of her two children while she was away. Upon her return, with the help of our center, food, clothing, and shelter were given to her until she could access a disability grant. Zama said she was more than grateful for all the help she had been given and said when she asked God for help, she had been lead to 1000 Hills Community Helpers.