Our Pre-School & Crèche

Making A Difference in Our Community

Our Pre-School & Creche' operates 5 days a week, Monday through to Friday, where we feed, bath and educate over 410 children ranging from 3 months - Grade R. Our dedicated staff and volunteers are wonderful leaders to our children who due to their impoverished circumstances face many obstacles.

Helping Those In Need

Not all of these children are infected with HIV/AIDS but many are affected by its consequences as well as other social issues such as disadvantaged backgrounds, poverty, and other causes. The preschool and crèche all collaborate together with a unified purpose: To provide an educational foundation that will prepare them for life in the future.

Change Starts Here

Activities such as reading, writing, sports, and playing games are all encouraged on a daily basis to reinforce educational modules taught that promote excellence through health, hand and eye co-ordination. Each week-lesson plans are drawn up and each class follows a well organised schedule. Educating our children is one of the most important aspects of what we do here at 1000 Hills.

Transport For Our Children

We have dedicated drivers who ensure the safety of our children is their priority, every morning and afternoon we fetch and take home the children who come to our crèche and preschool. All of our drivers have PDP Licenses.

Transport Manager Rex Harte (Volunteer) and Board Member onsite - Charles Zungu, ensure that the maintenance of the vehicles are kept to standard. This includes regular services of the buses and other things like wheel rotations and changing of brake pads.

Making Education Fun For A Brighter Future

If you are interested in volunteering contact us today.

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Our Kids Are Our Future

We run a fully operational school and follow the national syllabus to give our children the best possible education by laying a solid foundation for their future. We also do many fun activities with the children including sports days and activities based on themes like My Body , Transport and Where do I live

Our goal is to make learning fun by encouraging our children to see school in a positive light, motivating them to strive for greater things.

We have an intake of up to 350 kids per year, ranging from our Creche to Grade R.