Skills Development

Our Skills Development Programme

Our Skills Development Centre has become a hub of hope for many in the community to use their time in a constructive way. Every Monday and Wednesday we run our classes, where we teach sewing, fabric painting and making of crafts. The items made by the community are then sold in our craft shop and a portion of the sales goes back to the community members, giving them the opportunity to be entrepreneurs.

Many hours goes into making these beautiful crafts which our community is so proud of. If you are interested in visiting our craft shop or wish to order any products please feel free to contact us for more information.

1000 Hills Community Helpers
Computer Room

Computer Literacy & Training

Here at 1000 Hills we offer short courses in computer literacy that covers the essentials needed in todays world including Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word and Powerpoint. Giving our students the opportunity to find jobs as we strive to increase the employment rate here in the Inchanga and surrounding areas.

The computer room is also available to those in the community for research on any school projects, printing of CV's, and photocopying.