Our Kitchen & Feeding Scheme

Here at 1000HCH, we have a fully operational kitchen that serves up to 1200 meals per day. Two nutritious meals are prepared per day ensuring our children and community are well fed.
Our greatest thanks go to our wonderful kitchen staff who so lovingly prepare these meals. We have a wonderful team. We are so blessed. We also have an after-school care programme where we feed the children of the community.
A healthy and nutritious meal is prepared and the children are sent home with sandwiches and fruit. Not only does our feeding scheme full hungry tummies, it too helps those who are Infected with HIV/AIDS as we ensure those individuals are well looked after and eating the correct way.
Kitchen Staff

A massive thank you to KFC ADD HOPE for your continued support in the running of our kitchen and feeding scheme.

Your R2 fills children with hope, so they can learn, grow and thrive.

KFC Add Hope