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With the recent positive response to support one of our little girls in the school, we have decided to start a programme to allow the public to sponsor a child in need. Sponsoring a child would mean to take care of their well-being and basic needs from month to month by means of a donation.

Through sponsoring a child we aim to create a foundation of support and love. We will post updates of the children we identify to be in desperate need, from there, you can choose which child you would like to sponsor. We say a special thank you to those who are already involved in the project. We have already raised R2500.00 on our first day of sponsorship. We are just blown away by the love and kindness.

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Picture of Troy

This is Troy

He is one of our babies here at 1000 Hills Community Helpers. When Troy was born, his mommy aged 17 had to leave school to look after him. Today we met his wonderful parents who although, only want the best for their boy. So we made the decision to fully sponsor Troy month to month, allowing his mom to go back to school while being fully taken care of by our team at the centre.

Today we are looking for a sponsor for Troy, this will include nappies, formula and baby consumables that he will need each month.

Picture of Emihle

This is Emihle

She is new to our home of love with granny taking care of her and no income to buy the necessities, we have taken this little girl into our care as one of our sponsor children.

Emihle is in desperate need of panties and clothing ... when she arrived at the Centre, she was wearing a baby grow (bearing in mind that she is 3 years old) that was so stretched out and old, it was hard to believe her desperate state.

Picture of Emihle

This is Philani

When Philani first arrived in Our Home of Love he was severely malnourished after losing both his parents who were tragically murdered in their home. When he arrived at the centre, we discovered that he was very underweight and was not at all well. We decided it was of most importance to take on this little angel and care for him going forward. We closely monitored him each week, put him on the correct food and sent him to the clinic weekly for check-ups. Within only a few weeks he was gaining a healthy amount of weight and absolutely fell in love with his teacher and classmates. There was not a day that went by that we did not see a smile on his face.

We are so happy to report that Philani is still with us and is in the best condition we could possibly hope for, he is now no longer The baby of the class, but amongst the few strongest in our toddler's group.

He absolutely loves his food and his favourite sport is soccer. Philani always greets us with the biggest smile no matter his circumstances at home.The school has become his salvation and he loves to learn from his favourite teacher Miss Rose. Philani is still staying with his neighbour who found him on the tragic day of his parents' murder. We are so grateful to her for taking care of Philani on weekends when the centre is closed. She has been amazing.