Our Primary Health-Care Clinic & Support

Our Public Medical facilities are under staffed and it is unacceptable that we should lose the lives of unfortunate individuals, due to the lack of the right Medical care. Getting Medical help is a nightmare for these people because of transport and the lack of funds. The Public Hospitals are in shambles, often overcrowded and not enough personnel to deal with the desperate people.

A Parent can sit the whole day, holding their Baby and trying to bring some comfort as they wait for attention. Often there is a communication barrier between the Doctor and the Parent, resulting in the Parent leaving the Hospital with the wrong Medication.

We are truly blessed and grateful to all the amazing Doctors and Nursing Staff that volunteer their time and expertise to our Community.

Sister Karen Harte

1000 Hills Primary Health-Care Clinic

Our primary health-care clinic runs five days a week, 7am until 4pm. We have a resident Sister and Doctor available at the clinic during the week and in case of emergencies during the week and weekends.

To date our new clinic has seen thousands of patients from the local community. This includes infants, children, men, women, and the elderly. Much emphasis has been placed on education, especially regarding issues related to HIV/AIDS such as nutrition, hygiene, STD's, family planning.

We have a fully equipped 4x4 ambulance donated by Rotary International, manned by qualified medical staff on the ready, 24 hours/7 days a week for emergency callouts. If it were not for our clinic and ambulance many lives would have been lost.​

Our Primary Health-Care Clinic Days:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays is clinic day for the elderly.
  • Tuesdays are Infant/children nutrition and clinic days.
  • Thursdays is open clinic days open when our complete medical volunteer staff come up to the centre and give a helping hand.
  • Fridays is when our HIV/AIDS support group gather and receive medication and spiritual counselling.

Our Primary Health-Care Clinic Volunteers

Sister Karen Harte has been nursing for 30 years and volunteers her time here in the Clinic every Wednesday & Thursday. Not only does she volunteer at the Clinic but many a times she takes her own vehicle out into the community helping those who need to be rushed to hospital. Her dedication and compassion for the community is seen from far.

Our Special and Caring Volunteers, volunteer their time every week at our clinic and they are:

  • Glenda Patterson (Nursing Sister)
  • Anne Chadwick (Pharmacist)
Sister Karen Harte

Our Baby Wellness Clinic

Our baby wellness clinic runs every Tuesday where we see up to 100 babies on a busy clinic day. During the Clinic we see new born babies with their mothers where we assess the health of the baby as well as the mother, ensuring the child is put on the correct formula as needed and that food, clothing and baby consumables are given. We also educate the mothers on breast feeding and nutrition as well as how to care for their child in the correct and safest way.

We thank Sister Faith Mulligan who has dedicated her time in running the baby clinic on Tuesdays.

Wish List:

  • Formula
  • Nappies
  • Blankets
  • Baby Clothing

1000 Hills Counselling Services

We are fortunate to have our Counselling Psychologist Sally John who has been working at the centre since January 2012.

Since the beginning of 2013, Dr John has counselled, written court reports and grant motivation reports for 248 patients. A significant number of patients have obtained government grants which are helping to sustain families and support children and adults with intellectual impairments. Children are enabled to attend special schools with these grants.

Psychologist Sally John

1000 Hills Support Groups

HIV/TB Support Groups & Care For The Elderly

On Wednesdays, we run our TB support group for those who are infected, where we provide guidance and support. Fridays we have our HIV support groups where we give advice on staying healthy and ensure that those who are infected are receiving the correct advise and medical attention.

Mondays are our support group for the elderly where we come together to assist them with anything they may need. Our group of volunteers provide different services to the elderly such as teaching handwork to educate them about their chronic diseases and assisting in the management of these diseases.