Meals On Wheels Project

1000 Hills Community Helpers “Meals on Wheels” – We now have 2 "Meal on Wheels" trailers

It was realized in late 2018 that something needed to be done with the high demand and need in our community for food. Many members of the community, due to circumstances, could not make the trip to the centre for a warm meal. It was through this that we decided to bring the meal to them.

We realized that something had to be done, and so the project began.

We are currently doing our food run to the local schools and elderly who simply cannot make the trip. We noticed that most of these children go all day without a meal, which explains why they come rushing in each afternoon desperate for a meal. Our elderly and sick members of the community who so desperately need help, now have HOPE.

With our project, we are currently serving up to 2698 meals per run. That is 2698 people whose lives we have made a difference to.

Currently, with the big expense of the meals on wheels trailer that we had to purchase, we are hoping to raise funds to pay off this project and see it thrive.